Kids & Parents help support

Students Michelle Chow of South Hills HS., Austen & Chaise Hamilton of Diamond Ranch HS. have put together Kids & Parent night!! supporting young women where medical aid is needed most

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Global Health

The Medicine for Humanity team is excited about the next revolution in Global Medical Education! Click here to watch the video.

Mission Update

We are gearing up for our next mission! Please click here to see video.

Success Stories

For decades we’ve had one goal: Improve the lives of women throughout the world. Our commitment has never been stronger. Click here to watch one of our success stories.

Decades of Care

During the past fifteen years, groups of highly trained and dedicated volunteer doctors and resident physicians from all over the United States have traveled to 24 countries throughout the developing world bringing much needed medical care and creating sustainable programs of education, prevention and treatment for women.

Medical Mission to Uganda

During the Fall 2013 camp, we successfully treated over 40 women with urogenital fistula. On our last day after morning rounds, we took a group picture of the entire ward and team. What followed was an incredible spontaneous outpouring of thanks and hope in the form of a song.

Barbara’s Story

Barbara’s a young woman who was in desperate need of a life saving surgery. We removed a 17 lbs cancerous tumor from her bladder. Stories like her’s keep us laser focused on our mission to provide access to health care for the world’s women.